Advancing STEM Education

Advancing STEM Education by Providing
Great Science Fair Software!

VidyaSTEM Wizard is an award-winning web-based science fair management system. Vidya Ravichandran, President of EdWizard, is a strong advocate of rigorous education and is committed to boosting the quality of STEM education as a parent and community leader. Philanthropy, social responsibility, and community outreach are integral to EdWizard’s philosophy.

STEM Wizard is an application that was created after meeting with science teachers, fair administrators, volunteers, and judges with years of experience. By using STEM Wizard, administrative time was cut by 75%.

Positive reviews of the STEM Wizard’s science fair software started to spread throughout schools and regional fairs, and people began seeking out more information. It quickly became clear that this tool would become vital for anyone managing a science fair.

Today, STEM Wizard has expanded its platform to serve everyone involved in statewide, regional, and school-level fairs. Whether your science fair is a small, school-based fair or a wide-reaching regional or state science fair leading to Intel ISEF, STEM Wizard allows you to manage your fair your way. Only easier.

As a result of our partnerships with many leading fairs we have become the worldwide leader in science fair management software.

STEM Wizard is continually seeking new partnerships with organizations that promote STEM education and science fairs. If you are interested, please contact us and we will reply promptly.


“The team at LRSEF is very pleased to have partnered with GlowTouch to pilot the exciting and innovative STEM Wizard science fair management tool,” said Theresa H. Mattei, president of LRSEF.”We will be executing a planned release of STEM Wizard across the region over the next few years.   Our hope is that this web tool will help increase engagement and promote science fair participation across all county lines.”

STEM Wizard is a proud technology partner to the Louisville Regional Science & Engineering Fair (LRSEF). The esteemed organization has dedicated 50 years of service to providing students the opportunity to showcase their science research projects. In 2014, over 200 students from 20 schools and 13 counties participated in the regional event.

LRSEF and STEM Wizard are united in their desire to promote inclusive opportunities for excellence in STEM education. To support the mission of increased participation levels from students and schools, our leadership team and the LRSEF board work closely together to implement solutions that improve science fair accessibility and engagement beyond the region.