Pitch Competition Resources

Helpful Resources

There is no substitute for hard work, but learning best practices and avoiding mistakes can make things easier.

We’ve been studying business plan competitions for a while now, and we’ve identified some best practices to follow.  Whether you are participating in or hosting a business pitch / business plan competition, we have resources that will improve your experience.

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Science Fair Guide: Teachers

Whether this is your first time running a science fair or you’re a seasoned veteran, these tips can help make your next science fair the best yet.

Science Fair Guide: Students

Making a science fair project seems daunting, but these tips help from the beginning brainstorming step to the final presentation to judges.

Science Fair Guide: Judges

Science fairs can be stressful not just for students, but for judges too. Get tips on how to judge projects, useful questions to ask students and more.

Science Fair Guide: Parents

Some science fair projects require a little help from parents. Learn how to coach your child to a great experience.